Vases cannot be filled with water! They make a beatiful display for dried or artificial flowers. They are finished with shellac and 3 top coats of gloss laquer.

Wood goblets are beautiful pieces of art.  My goblets are all finished with a food safe finish but are seldom used for actual liquids,  A single or double captive ring goblets makes a perfect wedding or anniversary gift.

Turned boxes are great for use as a covered candy dish or for keeping small items such as jewerly.

Visit the picture gallery to see Vases, Goblets and Turned Boxes that have been sold


 Siberian Elm Vase  4" X 9" 

Spalted Maple Vase 5' x 10"


Wormy Applewood turned box  4" tall 5-3/4" with the finial, 5 " diameter 

 Spalted Black Cherry hollow form this would make a nice urn for a small pet.

Applewood goblet  6-1/2' X 2-1/4" 

Elm glasses 3-1/4" x 6-1/2"