All bowls and candy dishes are finished with a food safe finish,  Visit the picture gallery to see bowls that been sold already

Large birch bowl measures 4-3/4" tall by 9" in diameter. 

Mulberry platter 2" tall 8-3/4" diameter 

black walnut and maple segmented bowl 7-1/2" dia X 2-1/4" tall

 Applewood Winged bowl about 1" high bowl is about 3 inches diameter wings are about 7" 

Pot Pourri bowl box elder  5" X 2-1/2" 

 Large Wormy  Walnut bowl measures 4-1/2" tall by 9-1/2" in diameter.

birch bowl measures 2-3/4" tall by 7 inches in diameter, 

 Mahogany and maple segmented bowl  7-1/2" dia X 2-1/4" tall

Box elder bowl 5-1/4" diameter 4" tall